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Taranaki Executive Limited reserve the right to alter booked vehicles due to unforeseen circumstances or unavailability after time of booking. 

Payment must be made prior to departure. Payment can be made by way of cash, eftpos, visa/mastercard, direct debit or by using a company account either registered with Taranaki Executive Limited or on approval.

All Travel must be conducted under the Land Transport Amendment Act 2017, and the Small Passengers Services Transitional Guide 1 October 2017 in accordance with driving hours and legal requirements of the Act, as well as to the law of the New Zealand Land Transport Act 1998.

Taranaki Executive Limited reserve the right to alter any terms and conditions and/or prices without notice at any given time.

Taranaki Executive Limited accept no liability to any personal damage, injury or death incurred by any client in relation to any travel conducted with Taranaki Executive Limited.

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